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Start Shooting For As Little As £12.50 Per Ten Clays.

No booking required just turn up on any fixture date between 10.00am and 1.30pm.

After the first 10 targets the price drops to £11.50 per same day re-visit.

Minimun age 10 years old.

Shoot Days Only. (see fixtures page)

One benefit the club has been praised for is the "Have a go stand". Complete with club guns, any member of the public can come to the club and have a go at clay shooting for £12.50 per ten targets. After your first 10 targets the price drops to £11.50 per same day re-visit. This includes everything you will need, hearing protection, cartridges etc. You may have as many goes as you wish, and return as many times as you wish, there is no restriction.

New 'Have-a-go-Plus' Stands

If you have been through our 'Have-a-go' stand and want to progress to some more challenging targets away from the pressure of the open shoot then this is for you. Once signed off by the hag team you can progress to the HAG+ stands.

You will get 25 clays, 25 Cartridges, a club gun and will be guided and assisted by an experienced club member on a one to one basis. Please note the below price is for people that have decided to take up the sport and have been signed off as ready by the instructors on the hag stand.

If you are new to the sport and just want a party or office event or family day then plese see the group hosting page for details and prices.

The cost for the above is only £25!

Booking essential.

£75 Gift Vouchers 

A gift voucher is available at a cost of £75, this entitles the voucher holder to 100 targets and cartridges with everything included to have a good shooting experience. This makes an ideal alternative present, the voucher can be used over one or more visits to the club until the 100 targets have been used. The voucher can be shared with another person.

They can only be used on the hag stand, no booking available just turn up and shoot. 

Vouchers available from the desk on shoot days.

Please note the gift vouchers can only be used on the dates shown on the Fixtures Page.