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The Shotgun Skills Course for the below date has been cancelled

 Saturday October 19th 2018

Please contact Debbie for further details. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The cost is £80. These courses are invaluable to new shooters and cover all the main aspects of shotgun safety and etiquette. Highly recommended.

Bring a packed lunch,hot and cold drinks provided.

To book just use the web mail form on this site.

Wednesday September 13th 2017

100 DTL

Class AA Class A          Class B  Class C Class D High Gun
1st    1st J Ashford 97/287  1st P Leamon 94/280  1st N Reynolds 98/285  1st   
2nd 2nd A Gordge 95/280 2nd M Allen 97/279  2nd  J Cooper 91/265
3rd   3rd 3rd  S Ayshford 94/273  3rd 3rd