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Joining the Club


Fareham Clay Target Club is one of the largest member owned shooting clubs in the country. Joining this club is very straight forward.

Provisional membership can be obtained from the Secretary on the payment of £50.00 which is non-refundable. On receipt of payment a green card will be issued.

As a provisional member you will have to demonstrate that you have the required knowledge in safe gun handling, this will require several visits to the club where a safety officer will sign each visit off if the required level was demonstrated.If you have shot before then most of this can be done on the normal disciplines shot at the club.

If however you are new to shooting then you may be restricted to the 'Have a go' stand untill the safety officer there is happy with your gun handling, after this you can complete the sign off procedure on other disciplines [Usually on Sporting]

Your previous experience will determine how many visits this will require, but a minimum of 7 is required. 

 Once all the boxes are signed the Secretary will issue a white A4 form to be filled in, this will accompany the green card to the next management meeting. Your membership will be submitted to the team who will check with the safety officers that you have been seen to be safe with a shot gun. On acceptance a further fee will be required, normally a proportion payment of whatever months of the year are left until March when the full £40.00 renewal fee will be due.

Joining the club will reduce the cost of regular shooting as you will not have to pay the daily 'Green Fee' of £5 which non members have to pay.